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Perception is the interpretation we make when we sense anything through our senses. How we think can affect how we perceive people, things and situations in our lives. Our perception and emotions can also affect our thinking processes, just as our thoughts can affect our emotions. All of these elements are inextricably linked.

Take for example a perceived threat where our fight or flight response is activated. We move straight into attack mode and this state of alert causes us to perceive everything in our world as a possible threat to survival. Like airport security at the airport we are on the lookout for all possible signs of danger. As a result we may over react to the slightest comment. Our fear is very much exaggerated and our thinking becomes distorted. Fear instead of love becomes the lens through which we see everything and everyone. When we are in this survival mode our heart is not open to love and our emotions become like a pressure cooker – always looking for a place to escape. The release of emotions is seen in our behaviours and generally has a destructive effect on the people closest to us.

When threat is perceived we become very emotionally aroused and sometimes these emotions are suppressed. Unfortunately this is the conditioning of the society in which we live in today. Sometimes people resort to behaviours such as alcohol or excessive exercise to drown out the emotions. These suppressed emotions such as fear, stress, perceived threats, anger and resentment are stored deep in the cells of the body and can inhibit and disrupt the flow of vital life force energy at a cellular level. These energy blockages limit our positive and happy experience of life - a life which everyone is inherently entitled to.

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) can help clear these blockages and open up the body to receiving vital life force energy and a place of being where it can experience pure joy and happiness. The primary gift of the IET Angelic Ray is emotional clearing and it is a very gentle yet extremely powerful treatment. IET is all about getting the ‘Issues out of your Tissues’ through the nine sets of IET Integration Points. Once cleared angelic energy is channelled to form an empowerment imprint that fills the cellular memory with the opposite of what has been cleared. Tara Synnott

For more information on Integrated Energy Therapy healing treatments and upcoming course dates please contact the centre on 045 442153.

April 2010
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