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Journey Inwards

The development of Martinstown Holistic Centre has been a living embodiment of the philosophy that Sinead Sugrue, founder and owner, teaches in her workshops and courses. The laws of the universe – attraction, abundance and non-attachment informed the manner in which the centre has developed. This was not through any conscious planning, but evolved in this way, mirroring Sinead’s spiritual journey and development.

Sinead’s career background has been very academic and corporate. While she tried to develop the holistic centre using skills learned in that environment, it just didn’t work. Her innate abilities in the area of spirituality, together with her awareness of her mission, and the self-discipline to embody that mission, led her to a place where she knew that she had to approach the development of the centre in a very different way. As she began to trust her heart and intuition, acknowledge confusion and fear without attachment, things began to fall into place and the centre has grown into a place of powerful self-healing and learning.

Sinead will say that the learning for her has been in being aware, conscious and present to the experience of being human, knowing that one has an eternal connection to a source of divine energy within ourselves, and that to live our human existence fruitfully and positively, we just need to acknowledge and embrace our enormous potential – most of which most of us don’t use.
As adults, we need to shed the conditioning we’ve absorbed all our lives – that the rational, analytical, sequential, logical way is the best way; to the neglect of our greatest talents, ideas, inspiration and the poverty and stunting of our own growth.
The harmony of imagination and action, of creativity and skills/knowledge, of conscious and sub-conscious, of human and being is vital to progress in a society where many old systems are crumbling.

Many people, faced with redundancy, are now exploring avenues they might never have considered if their security net hadn’t been taken away. They are re-connecting with a journey of self-discovery that they might themselves have been sceptical about a few years ago.
Change is all around us, confusion and uncertainty part of everyone’s life. We can’t look outside ourselves for answers, because the old certainties are dissolving.
So let us journey inwards….

Sinead Sugrue
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