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Dreams - A Mystical Journey

Whenever the subject of dreams comes up in conversation, most people will say either they donít dream at all or they have one particular recurring dream or they had this weird and wonderful dream the other night but canít remember what it was. Most people really donít pay much attention to them at all, when in fact they contain messages.

Our ancestors, the indigenous peoples of Earth, regarded dreams as an alternate reality which was very real indeed for them. The dream state was a place where the spirit of the person met with great ancestral spirits of the earth, sky and beyond, to receive guidance, foretelling upcoming events and to engage in active communication with spirits. Fast forward to the modern day, the development Psychotherapy has introduced to the western mind, concepts such as the archetypes (images, behaviour and thought patterns), the shadow self , the collective consciousness etc., the development of which has been greatly enhanced by the study of dream states of individuals providing a window into the consciousness and sub consciousness of the individual. A key step in any healing process.
Given the healing and spiritual value of dreams it is possible to work with dreams so as to understand the active but hidden parts within a person as an aid to removing emotional blocks and subconscious patterns with that of the ancestral, which looks to dreams for guidance, for foretelling for healing, for connecting with spirits on an alternate level of awareness?

The approach to dream work that I have practiced over the past number of years tells me that this is very much the case.
Dreams occur in an altered state of awareness, not a material reality, but a reality of experience where our higher selves, engages different faculties to enable a type of workshop to be played out in a safe way without the constraints of physical reality. What comes into play is a kind of drama rich in symbols and meaning where our higher consciousness shows us what it is we need to do or look at within ourselves so we can progress to living our lives from our true selves Ė not the false self (ego). To do this strange events occur within our dreams, characters appear, unusual activities happen with bizarre reactions and outcomes.
Using fundamental rules with an understanding of the meaning of the symbology and feeling states, dreams can be interpreted on multiple levels to show the negative imprints of past events and relationships hidden in our sub consciousness mind that affect how we live our life today. They can show potential health issues linked to unhealed emotions / fears etc.

Dreams can show us our potential, the gifts we possess and can develop and they can provide us with a foretelling which we can choose to heed so as to engage in right action in our lives. All in all a powerful way to learn more about ourselves and if coupled with a healing program can provide a profound mystical insight into a personís healing journey.

Gerry Dempsey
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