Martinstown Holistic Centre


A Sanctuary For The Soul

Spiritual Awareness & Healing, a new way of relating to Life & Self

To 'BE' who you are. In essence that is what Martinstown is about. We hold a sacred space for you, a sanctuary for silence, peace and to journey inwards, in a rural farm setting with nobody around to disturb you. People will find themselves, their truth and be totally nurtured.

It is the sincerity of the people at Martinstown that makes it stand apart, where nothing is compromised. Its a place where real healing takes place. Sinead is a real mentor. She is on her own unique journey and brings such an array of gifts and talents to her work at the Centre. Through the workshops and treatmenets at Martinstown the experience is truly organic, where Sinead works uniquely with the energy of the group or the individual.
At Martinstown Holistic Centre, everyone who experiences this place will bring home the energy and essence so they live it on a daily basis, in their own lives and with their families. It is like we help you plant the seed in yourself and that seed grows in you.

The Centre is all about nurturing and you can come back to the sanctuary at any time to be nurtured, receive a healing or go to the next level of your journey. Whatever workshop you are drawn to is perfect for you. During your experience here, you are invited to enter into that silence and connection with your heart and to manifest whatever you would like in your life. It is like a seed that keeps on transforming into different aspects of you, mimicking the cycle of life. This happens so that you can learn to be in the present moment and be aware of who you truly are. This may be the introduction to your spiritual connection or we offer advanced healing retreats for those who are deep into this way of life.

Individual Treatments Journey Inwards, Reiki, Kinesiology, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)
Night Classes in Integration and meditation/Energy balancing
Workshops Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, Touch for Health (Kinesiology foundation course)

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Touch for health Course Beg in April 2018 4 weekends one month apart
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086 8394446

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