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The Integration Programme begins with Night Workshops in Integration for those attending or who have attended workshops at the Centre. It is also open to people who are interested in integrating their own work. The programme is all about working and living from our inner space, where our true wisdom resides. The programme looks at how to interpret that wisdom, coming from that inner connection or space and how to allow that wisdom through by living it and acknowledging our emotions, by feeling them, integrating everything, bringing everything into this inner paradigm - techniques, thoughts, beliefs, emotions - feeling them, aligning everything from within, this inner connection/space, so that you can truly 'be' in service to yourself and others in this lifetime.

Integration Nights

Every third Friday Night beginning March 16th 2012 from 7pm to 10pm.

This is for those who have completed/attending Workshops at the Centre (Reiki. IET, and/or Touch for Health, Integration Days etc) to support you in the workshops or with the techniques you have gained on the workshops and to stay balanced in your every day life.

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