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This is for all those interested in meditation or those who have completed/attending workshops at the Centre and who would like to be supported to stay balanced in your every day life.

These meditations are a gift to yourself to experience the stillness of meditation, to establish trust with yourself, to live from the heart and to appreciate the expansiveness of your own divine spirit.
During the Day, we facilitate you to experience the subtler levels of your infinite self through the language of crystals, visualisations, symbols and vibrational connections that are unique to you and live this in your day to day life experiences, in how you experience your emotions, in how you embrace the past to let it go and live more fully in the present.
It is a reminder of what you already know. This journey inwards and balance is your opportunity to trust and live in oneness, in freedom and with ease.
This is your living expression of the connection to your true self.

Please phone me on 086 8394446 or email to for more information or to book
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